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Social Media Tools

View and track your prospect’s social media activity to gain vital insights through information which is automatically gathered, enabling your sales team to simply enter an account and have all the information they need ready waiting in one place.

The CallPro CRM social media prospector empowers you to search for prospects based on particular criteria, such as job title, company and location. View a client’s social media feed by linking their Twitter to their account profile, providing you with a complete view of their social media activity.

Have live updates of your contacts by utilizing Google News and Twitter feed functionality. By embedding social media channels to a contacts profile it will help sales reps to gain and establish relationships through having a better understanding of their client’s interests and requirements.

  • Send tweets and direct messages to a contact from within the CallPro CRM system
  • Generate new leads through unique functionality
  • Gain in-depth insights from channels including Blogger, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Issue, Pinterest, YouTube and Vimeo
  • Have prospects Google News and Twitter feed on an account profile
  • Real-time social media post updates
  • Researching a contacts information made simpler
Social Media Tools

Email Marketing

Send out follow up emails to all of your contacts that you get in touch with, all from the click of a button through automated email campaigns. The email editor allows you to create personalized emails to send out so you can follow up a lot more effectively. Examples of using email marketing for telemarketing include following up on a call, scheduling a call back, reminder of an appointment, booking a demonstration and much more.

With the email success tracker, you are able to see if your contact opened up your email and what links they have clicked-through on. CallPro CRM gives you a true idea of how interested a prospect is by allowing you to heavily monitor their actions over a call and email.

  • Close more sales – with triggered email campaigns the sales cycle will be quicker as time wasted tailoring messages will be eliminated.
  • Increased customer loyalty – prospects and customers will feel valued as responses are instant and tailored to them.
  • Monitor email success rates in real-time
  • Directly editable emails from the canvas
  • Simple to use editing tools
  • Specific interactions triggering email marketing automation campaigns
Email Marketing

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