Data Management

CRM & Multiple Databases

Unlike many other telemarketing solutions, CallPro CRM enables you to have multiple CRM systems – up to 999 individual CRM databases – all included within one subscription. Each database can be configured separately and designed to work effortlessly with particular functions or departments of a business. Alternatively many of our customer use multiple databases to manage data on behalf of clients, enabling them to send communications on their behalf.

  • Have up to 999 individual CRM databases
  • Easily customize each database yourself
  • Treat each database as separate entities or have them integrate with each other
  • Have each database assigned to a call agent and editing who can access which database using ‘User Management’
  • Colour code each account to the client status and edit which fields to view
  • Have daily tasks set within one database and call reminders
CRM & Multiple Databases

Call Guides and Scripts

Do you have a top sales agent who says the right things all time? You can make sure that all of your agents say the correct things by taking advantage of call guides and scripts. Finding the right sales pitch is the hard part, once you’ve found it you can easily replicate it and make sure that all your sales team are working coherently.

With CallPro CRM you can easily create and update scripts on-the-fly, ensuring your agents with always be up to date and prepared. Eradicate the need for printed scripts and objection handling guides – no more clutter.

  • Ensure agents say the right things at the right times
  • Effortlessly note the responses from your contacts
  • Report and export all script results
  • Create scripts or guides for different stages of the sales cycle
  • Note all interactions made with a contact within the account view
  • Have multiple scripts or call guides for different scenarios (not just for sales)
Call Guides and Scripts

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