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For the best prospecting and sales nurturing
CallPro CRM is a scalable cloud based system for SMBs

Telemarketing functionality

  • Increase campaign productivity
    Telemarketing is vital to any successful sales campaign and forms part of the sales proces. Telephony functionality within CallPro CRM enables users to make a high volume of calls without the hassle usually associated with it.

    The unique "wrap-up" feature allows call agents to initiate automated actions, define next contact dates, change values and do much more easily, and then automatically move to the next call in-line.


Email marketing

  • Simple and fast targeting
    Email marketing forms the basis for many marketing strategies and with over 100 billion emails sent and received daily the trend isn't expected to change any time soon. Email that is integrated with the CRM helps employees work smarter - saving wasted time and energy - as actions are automated.

    CallPro CRM has the ability to send triggers or ongoing campaigns and gather key analytics to help the sales team to make educated decisions to affect the buyer's journey. A personalised audience experience will drive better business results.


Marketing Automation CRM

  • Turn prospects into customers
    Close more deals in less time by introducing automation at all stages of the sales cycle. A comprehensive CRM paired with marketing automation provides a 360-degree view of the customer journey - allowing employees to focus on closing sales and not data entry.

    CallPro CRM gives the ability to have 999 separate databases, 150 additional custom fields in each, customizable screen views help retain structure and avalue of vital customer data.


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"We have been using CallPro CRM for 4 years and it has enabled us to extend our services such as would not have been possible otherwise.
We particularly like the flexibility, the power dialing and reporting."
Thomas Krayer, President, PassionArts Teleservices Inc.
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