With clients in over 35 countries, CallPro CRM is widely used and respected for the new approach to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that it brings. Customization is reported as being one of CallPro CRM's most robust features. Although it has a standard configurations 'out of the box', CallPro CRM is like a bespoke system for the price of an off-the-shelf system. Why put up with a standard CRM when you can have what you really want? Click here to see why you should choose CallPro CRM. Click here to see what sort of organizations use CallPro CRM which is simply the best prospecting and lead nurturing CRM available.

Continually developed over a period of more than 20 years, CallPro CRM is now a full featured robust CRM system. As a hosted system there is no software to install, it can be used on Windows, Mac or tablets. The configurability is such that each person can have the most suitable screen for their needs, so a person who only uses a tablet would have a screen designed specifically to suit that format.

  • CallPro CRM makes your marketing and sales more effective and efficient. Adaptable to any organization, any requirement, CallPro CRM is a power phone dialer that is also easy to use. Sales teams love it!
  • Amazingly flexible. CallPro CRM is being used for CRM, telesales, lead generation / lead management / telemarketing, appointment setting, prospecting and data cleaning. Its bulk emailing functionality will enrich your marketing by generating a hot list from the email campaign.
  • Suitable for one user up to hundreds. The online CallPro CRM system is scalable to any size and will get the best out of any sales and/or marketing environment.
  • Sales process management. Map your sales process graphically to ensure your business processes are the most productive.
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For any operation that uses the phone to make outbound calls Call Efficiency™ is essential. Call Efficiency improves performance by 53% or more - how many more sales is that in a month?

CallPro CRM automates multiple processes in addition to click-to-dial to make any calling operation significantly more efficient than using spreadsheets or other CRMs. This is particularly so for high volume cold or warm calling which needs a power phone dialer.

The system can dial the phone in many different ways, it could be an internal PBX using TAPI, a VoIP system using softphones, Skype, or SYNETY. Among other things, the Synety option also links call records directly with the database call history, click here for more info. This is not a definitive list, please ask if your preferred telephony is not one of these.

CallPro CRM is used for:

  • Any scenario needing phone dialer software
  • Inside sales / telesales
  • Lead management / Lead generation / telemarketing
  • Fundraising
  • Recruitment
  • Event management
  • Membership management
  • Call center / call management
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The system originated as TMS, the definitive Windows telemarketing software, which began life 20 years ago. CallPro CRM is very effective for dialing (optionally automatic power dialing) and calling from databases.

Email marketing in CallPro CRM rounds off the extensive functionality. The email marketing allows for unlimited emails to be sent for no additional charge, you just need a suitable SMTP server (if in doubt ask for details). The multi-step campaign functionality is more extensive than the major dedicated email campaign providers; the system enables automatic conditional data selection and step execution.

The system can be used for:

  • Newsletters
  • Contract reminders
  • Sales follow-ups
  • Purchase follow-up.

In addition to standard web-to-lead, details can be presented to an agent within seconds for immediate follow-up.

All this functionality is built-in to the one system, no need to signup to another supplier or export/import data.

Customer Quotes

"Wow, this is amazing."

"Awesome, thank you."

"Best CRM I've ever seen".

"I just can't believe how comprehensive the email marketing is, that alone is great for the price."

"very powerful on the telemarketing side"

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March 2014 Version 5.0 Click here to see the new awesome social media features

Visit us at the Technology for Marketing show. February 2014  More

August 2013 Synety Call Center Edition released. More

July 2013 Our US office near Tampa, FL, is expanded with additional sales and support staff

May 2013 Version 4.5 released! Click here to see the new look!

March 2013 New partnership with SYNETY allowing click-to-dial and call recording from any telephone on any computer.